In Spanish ‘El Respiro’ means ‘breath’, but it also means a “break”.
To us, it is the constant breeze from Lake Nicaragua that brings freshness, making farniente so enjoyable. But the ‘break’ actually comes from the site itself. El Respiro Ecolodge, combining modernity and colonial style (with the strictest respect for Nature) is located on top of a hill 350m above sea level, offering spectacular views of the surroundings area : Granada,‘the great sultana’, founded in 1524; Lake Nicaragua, its Peninsula and isletas (small islands) and even as far as the other side of the lake distant of more than 60 km. Last but not least the ubiquitous Mombacho volcano, a protected Nature Reserve, with trees over a hundred year old and exceptional wildlife.

El Respiro´s unique setting offers both tranquility and communion with Nature. Due to its proximity to Granada, colonial architecture, restaurants and nightlife is only 10 minutes away…

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Carretera Nandaime Km 55, at the end of the dirt road “El mamón” Granada. Nicaragua.


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