El Respiro is located at the foot of the Mombacho in the hills above Granada, the oldest colonial city in Central America. A 10 minute car ride will get you there.
We are 50 minutes away from Managua and its International airport, and 1h30 from the Costa Rican border.

The Lodge is built in a typical colonial style. With massive wood pillars, cane roof and terra cotta tiles, to which we added elements of modernity, polished concrete, lighting and stonework. The stones originate from Lake Nicaragua.

At the foot of a volcano, next to the oldest colonial city in Central America


As we are 100% off-grid, water supply is exclusively made possible by capturing rain water. It is stored in two tanks located under our buildings with a total storage capacity of up to 170,000 liters, making sure that we spend the dry season (lasting more than 4 months, from January till May ) without seeing our reserves dry up.
From the tanks the water is filtrated twice before feeding the Lodge and our house. Although potentially drinkable if chlorine were added, we prefer offering our guests mineral water, for free and without any restriction.

Gray water (coming from sinks and showers) is purified passing through various natural filters, ending its journey in our pond below our house, where a small ecosystem of aquatic plants and fish finishes the sanitation work.
This water allows us to irrigate all our decorative plants during the dry season.

Our electricity needs are covered by our solar panels that generate an average of 14 Kw.h per day.
All our lights are LED or low voltage, however we have a back-up in case of excessive consumption.
The hot water for showers is provided by our natural gas boiler.
All organic waste is recycled into compost and used for some of our cultures.
Non – recyclable waste is supported by the municipality.
All of our crops, fruits, vegetables, cereal are exclusively organic, allowing us, among other things, to feed our chickens with organic grain.
As described in more detail on our farm page, more than 500 trees have been planted on our 9 acres site in the past 2 years, and every year we are diversifying more in order to gather a maximum of endemic species.

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Carretera Nandaime Km 55, at the end of the dirt road “el mamón” Granada. Nicaragua.


(505) 89519573
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