At EL RESPIRO with new crops yearly the use of basic principles and traditional recipes we have managed to successfully be 100% organic.
What we can now offer to our guests (during season):

  • Oxheart Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Mustard
  • Local Zucchini or pipian
  • Radish
  • Peppers
  • Cassava

Also this year we test eggplant, okra, spinach, watermelon, rice, soybeans and chia.
Meanwhile, we produce sorghum, yellow maize and pigeon pea for our animals.

A range of farm products wider each season, so you can enjoy new flavours


To date, we have planted 200 cacao trees, 100 coffee trees , hundreds of lemon trees, orange and tangerine trees.
We are also growing avocado, all kinds of banana, papaya, fig, passion fruit, coconut and finally local fruits little known in Europe as caimito, guayabana, tamarindo, starfruit, mamon chino, naranjilla, granadilla and others.

Fortunately for us and our guests, our field already contained a lot of mature trees, so we do not have to wait years before harvesting.

Our goal is to offer the greatest diversity and allow you to discover new flavours.

Tasty and healthy products, directly to your table


So far it consists of chickens, ducks, pigs and rabbits that we feed strictly organic grain and fruits.
We also have a beehive of jicotes, indigenous bees, whose honey is known for its exceptional therapeutic properties.
In the near future we plan to breed pelibueyes (African originated sheep) and at least one cow to offer a wider range of farm products.

Contact Us


Carretera Nandaime Km 55, at the end of the dirt road “El mamón” Granada. Nicaragua.


(505) 89519573
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